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Why the future of your business relies on a mobile-friendly website.

Have you ever used your smartphone to visit a website but found it takes forever to load, doesn’t look right or just doesn’t appear at all? It’s incredibly annoying, particularly when you need information urgently, such as a phone number, directions, price list or email address.

Now imagine if that was your business…can you be sure that if your customers search your business from their smartphone that they can easily load your website, quickly find your phone number and seamlessly buy your products? If not, your website might be jeopardising sales and costing you money. It is estimated more than a third of website visitors will leave a site within just a few seconds if it doesn’t work immediately, so it makes sense to invest in a mobile-ready website.

But wait – aren’t all websites the same?

The answer is a resounding “no”. While your website might look fantastic on your PC, if it hasn’t been optimised for different platforms, it might not look the same nor work properly when users visit your site using their mobile phone, tablet or other mobile technology. The screencasts below highlight what users see when they visit a non-mobile-friendly website using their smart phones, compared to what they see when using a PC. The first screencast shows a site with images, navigation and options cut off, while the second screencast is mobile-friendly and presents a seamless site that is fast to load, easy to navigate and presents a strong professional image.


My site’s ok – I pay money for online ads and social media.

With nearly 40% of all web traffic coming from mobiles and 60% of people planning to use their mobiles to shop in the near future, ignoring the mobile-readiness of your website is like pulling down the blinds on your shop window.

Before you even consider online marketing strategies such as SEO, adwords and social media you need to make sure your customers can see your website and get the information they need. It’s practically impossible to boost traffic to your website and increase your conversions if your customers can’t actively engage with it.

Not sure if your website is mobile-ready?

You can check by taking the Mobile Friendly Test here.

What else can a mobile-ready website do for my business?

Getting your website mobile-ready isn’t just about making it look good or getting it to load faster. Mobile-ready websites can significantly enhance the user experience, which in turn can increase user trust in your website and service, result in a greater number of return visits and ultimately, mean more sales to your business.

A mobile ready website:

  • integrates functions like “click to call”, maps, instant messaging or email and buying options that can increase your conversions;
  • integrates online and traditional campaigns such as QR codes;
  • allows users to interact seamlessly by commenting on your blogs and other content;
  • ensures video, podcast and other non-written content can be easily accessed and viewed; 
  • gives you the edge over competitors who don’t have mobile-ready websites; and
  • can boost your search engine rankings because search engines like Google view it more favourably.

If you’re still in doubt about why your website should be mobile-ready, take a moment to think about your marketing fundamentals. You wouldn’t develop a product that your customer doesn’t need, so why persist with a non-mobile-ready website that your customer can’t use? Successful marketing always starts with understanding what the customer needs to either solve a problem or create an opportunity. Mobile-ready websites do both, and as a result, are essential for the growth of your business.

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