Shopify E-commerce: 6 Ways To Save Yourself Time and Money!

Attik Designs & Shopify: Save Time and Money
Running a business can be very time-consuming. Adding an e-commerce website to an already busy business can sometime seem like a massive challenge - where will you find the extra time? Luckily, the Shopify system has loads of time-saving features you can use to be as efficient with you time and money as possible! Here are 6 of them which will help:
  1. Automate your sales process: simply pick one of your products and create a Facebook ad linking to the product page. A customer sees your ad on Facebook, follows the link, buys the products and voila! You have an order waiting for you in the morning and you didn't even have to speak or convince the person. Easy :)
  2. Facebook Synchronising: once your store is setup, you can link it to Facebook and synchronise your products. That way they will appear on Facebook without you having to manually share them. That'll save you some time!
  3. Increase Turnover: whatever you are doing at the moment in your shop, imagine adding 10% to your turnover. Just link your products together, upsell and cross sell and this will increase the average value of your online sale. Magic!
  4. Link Your Accounting Package: one of our clients turned 8 hours of work every week into 2 by simply linking their Shopify e-commerce store to their accounting system. Meaning orders went directly from Shopify to their accounting package without having to be manually input. Huge time-saving :)
  5. Automated Cart Follow Up: most e-commerce stores will have a high cart abandonment rate, which means someone added products to the cart but then didn't complete the order. You can automatically send a customer a follow up email to see how they got on and encourage them to complete their purchase. It's been proven that 10% of these lost customers will come back and complete their purchase. The best part? It takes no time or effort on your part when set up!
  6. Dropshipping: if you haven't got the space to store stock, or simply don't want to have to put the orders together and send them out, then why not pay someone to do it. They do all the work, you make the money. Great or what!?
So...if you want to start saving time and money in your business but need some help, then that's what we're here for! Head on over to the contact page and get in touch today :)

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