Selling Online? 5 Reasons Why WooCommerce on Wordpress and Joomla Are Not Good Choices!

Opensource is brilliant! Open source is the best thing since sliced bread! Open source is the future!

Ever hear this? Probably from a web designer or agency that specialises in open source web development :) And don’t get us wrong, open source platforms such as WooCommerce and Joomla have their place. That place is just not providing an ecommerce solution for the modern merchant or business owner. Compared to Shopify, here’s 5 reasons why WooCommerce and Joomla are not good choices for your ecommerce platform...

1. Open Source Systems Get Hacked (all the time)
WooCommerce on Wordpress and Joomla Are Bad ChoicesWooCommerce and Joomla are both open source platforms. Which means the source code that runs them is open to download and inspect (hence “open source”). Here’s the problem with that:

  1. Hacker downloads the latest open source code
  2. Hacker studies the code and figures out a way to corrupt it (or one of your plugins)
  3. Hacker releases malware online which targets all websites running this version of the open source platform
  4. Your open source ecommerce platform gets hacked, your hosting provider takes it offline and you start to lose money

Simple right? Then the real problems start:

  1. You pray you have an up to date backup (if you don’t your business could suffer big time)
  2. You pray no sensitive customer information was stolen from you, making you liable
  3. You have to get the developer to untangle the mess
  4. This either costs money or you can’t get in touch with the developer
  5. Your site is down, costing you money every day

Nightmare time! Why would you choose to run this risk? Quite simply this just does not happen with Shopify, because it’s not open source and it’s managed for you. No worries!

2. You Are On Your Own
WooCommerce on Wordpress and Joomla Are Bad ChoicesThe WooCommerce and Joomla systems are free, standalone pieces of software. This means they are not actively supported by a team. If something goes wrong, it’s your lookout. That’s right, you are on your own! You can either choose to learn the technicalities of managing a website and hosting and then spend your valuable business time doing this, you can pay a support contract for an agency to look after this for you, or you can bury your head in the sand and hope it never happens (not a good idea - something will definitely happen).

With Shopify, you have a team of thousands of support staff managing your ecommerce store, helping you with issues and looking after the system, so you don’t have to. All included in your monthly subscription.

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3. Slow and Not Made for Purpose
WooCommerce on Wordpress and Joomla Are Bad ChoicesDo you know the old saying “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”. This is exactly how you can describe open source systems such as WooCommerce and Joomla compared to a dedicated, specialised ecommerce platform like Shopify. Open source systems originally started as just software for managing ordinary websites. Over time, they have been modified and added to and changed so that they can accommodate all types of websites such as member systems, ecommerce, subscription systems, you name it. The problem is that the code for all of these systems is loaded, even if you don’t need them. This makes open source ecommerce stores really...really...really...really…….slow. This also harms your Google search results :(

Shopify is a dedicated, fast system with one job: running an ecommerce for you to make money on. Job done. Masterfully.

4. Want to Manage Your Hosting and Financial Data? Why?
WooCommerce on Wordpress and Joomla Are Bad ChoicesWho needs more work? Honestly? As a business owner, do you want to manage your own hosting setup? Deal with technical difficulties and downtime? Be responsible for your customers’ personal data and its safety? Hosting management is a job in itself, no matter how easy hosting companies make it. This is fine if you are running a small information site, or if you are technically-inclined and happy to do it, but when your business depends on it for ecommerce, you simply can’t afford for your website to go down due to hosting problems. Nor the time it takes you (or money it costs you) to manage it yourself. Let alone, lose your customer’s financial data!

Shopify is an all-in-one, hosted ecommerce solution. Which means you don’t need to worry about hosting issues, ever. Shopify is also completely secure and does not retain your customers payment data, meaning it can’t be stolen.

5. Scalability
WooCommerce on Wordpress and Joomla Are Bad ChoicesYour ecommerce business is going to grow (that’s the plan anyway :). As it grows it will need to deal with more customers, use more memory, process more transactions and store more data, while performing just as fast as it always did. This needs an ecommerce system that can scale to a larger size on a hosting solution that can scale to meet demand.

As we said above, if you are using WooCommerce or Joomla you need your own hosting account. When your ecommerce business starts growing, you will start hitting the speed and data limits of this hosting account and either your website will start slowing down (losing you customers) or you will need to upgrade your hosting (costing you money and losing you customers while you do this). For enterprise-level e-commerce the hosting costs can get very, very high.

With Shopify, the system is designed to scale as your ecommerce business grows and gets busier. You don’t need to upgrade hosting, you don’t need to worry about your website going down, you don’t need to fret about Black Friday or your website crashing. Eventually you may need to upgrade your Shopify account to handle more traffic, however it will cost nowhere near what you would pay in hosting and the upgrade of the account is seamless and carried out for you. Saving you time and money and letting you focus on your business.

It’s up to you!
When you write it all down like that, it’s a no brainer! Open source systems like WooCommerce and Joomla have had their day as far as serious ecommerce for business goes. There are simply so many things that these days modern businesses either shouldn’t need to manage or need to worry about. Like the fax machine, they are out of date and have been succeeded by modern, purpose-built platforms such as Shopify.

Simply put, why would you risk your business if you don’t have to?

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