Does Size Matter? Not When You’re Selling Online!

Does Size Matter? Not When You’re Selling Online with Attik Designs & Shopify

Regardless of size, all business owners have these three things in common:

  • You run a business
  • You have a product that has value
  • You need to sell it

Selling online levels the playing field! Whether you work from home, own a shop or run a warehouse, every business can benefit from selling online. Let’s have a look at three examples of businesses using their online store to increase their sales, and in one case run their entire business :) (For blogging purposes we have changed names and minor details)

Case Study 1. Making Gorgeous Food at Home

Making Gorgeous Food at Home: Selling online with Attik Designs & ShopifyNiamh had a dream. And that dream was to make gorgeous cakes and run her own business. She enjoys working at home on her own time, in a relaxed setting. And she loves going to shows and selling her cakes. But something is missing...every time she wants to make money, she has to leave the house and go out and sell :(

But that was before she started selling online! Now, with her online store, Niamh wakes up to find that orders have come in for her cakes overnight. They’re already paid for! All she has to do is bake the cakes, send them off by courier and sit back and relax for the evening. She tops up her online advertising because she knows this will bring in tomorrow’s business.

Sound good?

Now maybe your passion isn’t making cakes, maybe it’s jewellery, crafts, artisan cheeses, wines, beers, painting...whatever your passion is, working at home in your own place is hard to beat. But it comes with one major disadvantage, how do people find your products?

How about if you woke up every morning and knew that someone in Dublin, London, Germany or even America would have found you online last night and placed an order? That you had made your money for the day before waking up?

To succeed online with a home-based business you need a good online store, online advertising and a plan to know how to use it.

And that’s where we come in, because we can help you make that happen if you get in touch.


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Case Study 2. Selling from Your Hardware Store

Selling from Your Hardware Store: Selling online with Attik Designs & ShopifyMichael is proud of his hardware shop. For 45 years, the family business has been open, started by his grandfather, continued by his father and Michael is now the man in charge. Regular customers come in every week, sometimes tourists come in to buy something they need and Michael can nearly tell how much the shop will make every week.

But there’s a problem :( Michael doesn’t want to work in the shop until he’s 65. Michael has big plans and wants to expand the business, hire a manager and run the business properly, so he can spend time with his family. But unless he can make more money, which is unlikely given where the shop is and the local population, he’s going nowhere.

But then everything changed! Michael learned about selling online and how to use it to grow his business. He started off by taking pictures and showing off his products on Facebook. But he quickly got frustrated because he couldn’t take payment there and then and he could only share 1 product at a time. So he hired a professional to create his online store and hasn’t looked back since.

Now when he puts something on special offer, it’s nearly sold out before lunch! When he shares a product on Facebook, people can buy it there and then, saving him time getting rid of the need to chase money. His customers come in knowing exactly what they want, because the found it on the website the night before. Michael regularly has orders from Dublin, because he is cheaper than the Dublin providers. He got too busy and so hired a manager to look after the shop and trained a member of staff in how to put the orders together and ship them out.

The problem now is...Michael doesn’t know what to do with his time!!

To succeed online with a retail business you need a good online store, online advertising and a plan to know how to use it.

If you want to get out of the rut, to stop depending on people walking into your shop to make money and to have too much time on your hands, then get in touch, we can help you get there :)

Case Study 3. Selling Across the Country as a Wholesale Supplier

Selling Across the Country as a Wholesale Supplier: Selling online with Attik Designs & ShopifyKaren has a problem! She is too busy! After taking over her father’s small wholesale business, she has transformed and grown it into a national brand. She sells across the country and now has plans to enter the UK. But she can’t do that until she solves her problem.

And the problem is that her sales staff spend a massive amount of time on the phone taking orders. Day in, day out, her people spend all day on the phone, talking to customers, taking the same orders nearly every week, and putting them into the system. And her accounts staff spend their time on the phone, chasing the money 30 days later.

If she had gone into the UK in this state, she wouldn’t have had the capacity to handle the business.

Karen took a step back, hired an agency, and transformed her business again! She brought her ordering system online into an ecommerce store. All of her stock was made available to her customers to order and pay for online. Her customers kept their existing discounts. She gave them incentives like loyalty points and special offers to get them to order online rather than over the phone. She even automated the accounts system, saving massive amounts of time.

Looking back from her office in London, she now sees that going online was the key to her success. It cut the chain between her staff and the phone, allowing them to focus on bringing in more business, doing more advertising, generating more sales. Her accounts staff spend their time processing paid orders, rather than chasing money.

She now spends more time out of the warehouse than in it, doing deals to expand her business. But through the online system and her phone, she can keep an eye on everything that is happening in the business.

Sound impossible? What if your customers did your work for you? In the 5 mins spent on one phone call, you could have 5 orders come in online.

To succeed online with a wholesale business you need a good online store, great stock control, an account management system and a plan to know how to use it.

If you would like to spend your time processing orders instead of chasing them, then get in touch.

We’ve done it before, we can do it again!

So, whether you’re in your kitchen, sitting in your shop or wandering the warehouse, if you’re feeling the pressure to sell online, but don’t know where to start, contact us today for your free 30 minute consultation.

There is so much to think about before selling online and it is important to get it right. If you have more questions or need some help getting started, then we are happy to help you - just get in touch today.
And feel free to comment below if you found something above useful to your business :)

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