Well written website content makes money for your business.

Website content writing

It seems easy enough - throw a few words together and voila, you’ve got written content for your website, right?

Technically, yes – you’ve created some text to fill in the blank spaces but does it really do the job of educating your website visitors about your product or service and take the important step of influencing them to commit to your product or service?

Let’s face it, it’s unlikely you’re going to invest so much time, money and effort in a website if it’s not for a specific purpose - and in most cases that purpose is ultimately to make you money.

Yet despite the fact that today most websites are the first impression of a business, so many businesses have rushed, poorly written content on their website. It's like a customer ringing up but the sales person hasn't been trained in what to say to them - sale lost!

To achieve your website's goals therefore, your content must influence the perceptions of your website visitors and get them to take an action that might be as straightforward as phoning you or signing up for your newsletter.

This is where content development gets interesting and isn’t as simple as throwing together a few words. Your content needs take a range of factors into account, many of which are closely tied to your business strategy. Just as you might carefully consider your distribution strategy, such as who you might select to distribute your product, how they fit with your business and customer base and how they reflect on your brand, the way you speak to your website visitors through your content is no different. It takes consideration, planning and vigilant execution to create “words” that help make a difference to your bottom line.

Your website content also needs to speak to your website visitors in a language they feel comfortable with – and frankly, knowing how to speak to different audiences is a bit of a science. Language that moves your website visitors to change their perceptions can be very different amongst audiences and it’s important that written website content takes this into account - else the value of your content risks being too low to influence your visitors to take the appropriate action.

The way your website is written also reflects heavily on your brand. If your brand is all about a quality product or service, yet your written content is full of spelling, grammar and language errors, what does that say about your attention to detail? Naturally enough, your website visitors will lose confidence in your ability to deliver a quality product or service, if, what is likely to be one of their first interactions with you, their experience is less than they expected.   

If your website forms an integral component of your money making strategy then strong written content is a must. Most business owners are way too busy to spend time writing content for their business and let's face it, it's usually not their core skill. So the first opportunity to generate a sale or a new lead is lost.

At Attik Designs, we encourage and help all of our clients to get their content written professionally. It saves the business owner so much time and instantly creates a more professional impression of the business brand.

Most of all, it may be all that stands between you and your next big sale!

If you'd like to learn how to make your content create more business for you, just get in touch today

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