Add to Cart: How to Get More People to Take Action on Product Pages

I am going on holidays and I need a new pair of hiking boots delivered overnight or I risk not having them in time for my trip.

I look around the product page of the first store - there’s no information on shipping on that page, none.

I end up buying from my second choice simply because they clearly state next-day shipping is available.

Later I find out that first store also provided free next-day shipping, but that information was provided on the last page of the check-out flow. What a shame, I could have bought them there.

While the “Add to Cart” button is important and it’s one of the defining features of an ecommerce site, it does not carry the entire burden of of getting itself clicked.

You can have the most “optimized” button in the world but if it doesn’t work with the rest of your site or you’re just plain sloppy and forget to mention next-day shipping (for example) on your product pages... you are still going to lose business.

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